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Center of Healthy Aging

The Center For Healthy Aging is an 181,000 sf mixed-use urban development built into mountainous terrain near the 5 Freeway in Santa Clarita, CA. The goal of the project is to show a conceptual connection to urban design typologies and discourse by proposing a mixed-use center for multiple generations to coexist, thereby creating a contemporary model for urban planning that can be applied to various environmental and social contexts. Through this co-mingling, the site can establish a magnet for denser Santa Clarita development and, furthermore, illustrate concepts that can help future developments cope with difficult (hillside site) and undesirable (proximity to freeway) challenges in a particular area.

Status: Unbuilt
Project Type: Mixed-Use, Cultural
Building Type: New
Size: 181,000 sf
Location: Santa Clarita, CA

Principal: Hagy Belzberg
Project Manager: Cory Taylor
Project Team: Aaron Leppanen, Christopher Arntzen, Barry Gartin, Daniel Rentsch, David Cheung, Lauren Zuzack, Ashley Coon, Chris Sanford, Kris Leese, Micah Belzberg