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Hotel Ray

Hotel Ray is a 57-room green hotel that stands on the site of the original Eames studio. It introduces a new paradigm of ecotourism to the already diverse Venice tourist culture. While ‘green’ is typically only associated with engineering feats of recycled materials and energy generation, Belzberg Architects took their cue from the research and production methodologies of the Eames’ and has combined that with their interest in digital design techniques to generate novel effects and spaces. Hybrid recycled woods have higher twisting and bending tolerances than conventional wood; Recycled fiberboards expose new textural surfaces when milled by a computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) router, and subterranean cogeneration plants and cooling systems free the roof for multiple activities and amenity—a space typically filled with mechanical equipment.

Status: Unbuilt
Project Type: Adaptive Re-use; Hospitality
Building Type: Type 2 Ground-Up with Historic Preservation
Size: 100,000 sf
Location: Venice, CA

Principal: Hagy Belzberg
Project Manager: David Cheung
Project Team: Aaron Leppanen, Barry Gartin, Bill Bowen, Brock DeSmit, Carina Bien-WIllner, Chris Arntzen, Dan Rentsch, Lauren Zuzack

Collection: US Architecture
1000x Architecture of the Americas
A+Architecture Plus (Dubai)
Hospitality Design Magazine
Venice CA, Art & Architecture in a Maverick Community

2008 Los Angeles Business Council Architecture Award: Green Concept Design
2008 National Hospitality Design Award