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Las Lomas Residence

Perched atop the convergence of two 200’ tall ridgelines in the Pacific Palisades, the Las Lomas Residence is somewhat of an engineering feat, over-looking the Pacific Ocean. Due to the site’s geological make-up, a system 14, eighty foot soldier piles were placed around the perimeter of the site. These piles were then structurally tied to the mat foundation of the house 12’ below grade, with steel-reinforced concrete tie-backs. Below the mat foundation are 26 mini piles, roughly 30’ deep, which act as cleats, anchoring the house and resisting moment forces from the pressure of the earth acting on the perimeter soldier piles and retaining wall.

All of the engineering work made it possible to place this modest, minimal house on the site and orient it to receive the spectacular and uninterrupted views of the ocean and surrounding canyon. As such, the inhabitants also have an unbroken access to the outdoors from both the first and second floor of the house. Both levels utilize a sliding door system that virtually disappears, leaving nothing in between blurring the line between interior and exterior.

Status: Completed 2008
Project Type: Residential
Building Type: New
Size: 6,800 sf
Location: Pacific Palisades, CA

Principal: Hagy Belzberg
Project Manager: Bradley Lang, Carina Bien-Willner
Project Team: Daniel Rentsch, Bill Bowen, Justin Brechtel, David Cheung, Andrew Atwood