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Rising Glen Residence

Beginning with an existing 3500 SF mid-century home, this project strives to restore a sense of tranquility and minimalism to a structure whose prior renovations had left it with a mottled sense of identity. The natural beauty of the surrounding hills is seen as a critical component of this transformation, and as such two double-height glass volumes are designed to bookend the structure- each housing contemplative programs and providing an enveloping connection to the environment. The central living spaces are designed as viewing corridors through the house, affording constant visual and physical access to the hills beyond. Finally, the project’s minimal material palette acts as a deferential backdrop to the life and surroundings of the home, with the centerpiece of each space being the natural beauty adjoining it.

Status: Completed 2013
Project Type: Residential
Building Type: Renovation/Addition
Size: 5700 SF
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Principal: Hagy Belzberg
Project Manager: Chris Sanford
Project Team: Ashley Coon, Kris Leese, Dan Rentsch, Barry Gartin