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Sunset Plaza Residence

The Sunset Plaza Residence is a clustered 13,023 sf estate located on a steep hillside site in Los Angeles, CA. The site strategy combines existing sloped terrain with flat, stepped areas to enable a dichotomous and seemingly contradictory experience in which expansive views and nestled intimacy coexist. Flatter moments help establish an estate feel while the architectural components higher above actively frame views (obliquely) below resulting in an opportunity for feeling both above the site itself and encased by the site environs. This duality extends throughout the concept in which views take place from within the buildings looking out, while views looking into the buildings are obscured. Furthermore, the programmatic elements allow for both an extroverted entertainment lifestyle alongside an introverted and protected family environment by sequentially locating each element to achieve a complexity of sensation. The garage/recreation room acts as a buffer between the densities of neighboring residences to allow a gradient of privacy. Further away, the entryway axis forms a spatial delineation between public and private space.

Status: Completed 2013
Project Type: Residential
Building Type: New
Size: Main House 9933 sf, Living Quarters 1530 sf & Detached Garage/Rec. Room 1560 sf
13,023 sf Total
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Principal: Hagy Belzberg
Project Managers: Brock DeSmit & David Cheung
Project Team: Cory Taylor, Barry Gartin, Kris Leese, Chris Sanford, Daniel Rentsch, Justin Brechtel, Chris Arntzen, Ashley Coon

2013 Best of Year 2013 honoree by Interior Design Magazine